28th Annual Conference

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Abstracts should be submitted in A4 format with large margins (2.5 cm). They should be typed, double spaced and printed in Times New Roman with a font size of 12

For the title page, the following information should be given typed double-spaced:

  • The applicant should be a graduate or doctoral student / researcher working in the field of Biosciences or related disciplines
  • Complete title of the manuscript in bold upper and lower-case letters
  • Institutions, including departments, where research was performed. Give the address of each author. Indicate clearly which authors are affiliated with which institutions using the following symbols 1, 2, 3….For the corresponding author add the ‘*’ symbol
  • The complete mailing address of the corresponding author including, where available
  • A translation of the full title in French if the manuscript is in English and vice versa

Note: The abstracts, in French or in English, must be a single paragraph of not more than 300 words summarising: (a) the problem addressed by the study, (b) the objective of the study, (c) the design / methodology including measures used and (e) a clear statement of the results and conclusion. Abbreviations and citations should be avoided. .
Key words.
For indexing purposes, a list of 3-6 key words is essential.